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With three decades of experience and understanding of the international perfume market, we are an admiring perfume manufacturing company with a belief that life is a whizzing playground, an eternal summer, an everlasting sparkle.

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We are providing a very elegant range of perfumes, mixed and matched in an authentic way to ensure an ultimate sense of attraction.

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We are here to provide the aesthetic collection of amazing scents for women

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Put your step ahead to get an amazing experience of the world full of sensuality, passion and positive emotions. We are here to take you to an absolutely aromatic world with our stupendous collection.

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Jean Rish not only provides the aromatic scents but also make you aware of everything concerning in the sphere of your interest.

facts about perfumes to blow your mind

7 Never heard facts about perfumes to blow your mind

Coming to the era of nip and tuck competition in the perfume industry, there is some fragrance that bewitches your mind and doesn't matter what may come in thereafter, that has to stay in your heart for the lifetime. But your best of fragrances have some bewildered

Simple hacks to make your fragrance stay long

The Perfumers’ Industry Guide- How Perfume Is Formulated

Perfume has had an exotic and soothing smelling past that dates back to the aurora of canned history. The perfume word itself reflects are the essence of Latin and derives meaning smoke or fumun. Perfumes are basically known to imitate nature’s pleasant aromas

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Importance of Perfume In Daily Life

Every new scent has a diverse story to tell. If we look scientifically, it is the atoms which develop and combine molecules. Molecules are an important part of perfume which we smell as the fragrance. Many fragrances are very light and some are too strong, its totally


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