7 Never Heard Facts About Perfumes to Blow Your Mind

Coming to the era of nip and tuck competition in the perfume industry, there is some fragrance that bewitches your mind and doesn’t matter what may come in thereafter, that has to stay in your heart for the lifetime. But your best of fragrances have some bewildered facts that will sway your mind. So, without any further ado, let’s go find some interesting facts about perfumes. Interesting stride, trust us!

  1. Uncanny start:
    Believe it or not, the start of this magnificently amazing perfume concept starts with Ambergris that account to the most valuable raw material in perfumery. It smells oceany and that been said it is found in the intestines of Sperm Whales. Flabbergasted, but yes, this waste form whale is so fragrant!!
  2. Wrong spraying:
    Well, we have heard it before that spraying should never be on your clothes, it should be on the skin as the oiliness in the skin will keep the fragrance intact for long hours. But here is another revelation- spray it on your scalp as its oiliness will store the fragrance for long. It is always in motion and hence diffuses the scent easily.
  3. The Same fragrance smells differently on other
    You need to get it right. A fragrance you are holding onto for long actually smells different on someone else. Your niche perfumes mix with the chemistry of your skin, and in fact the environment, your sweat, and your diet are also other factors the way a specific fragrance smells.
  4. Scents can really uplift your mood:
    It is not for just the saying, but a scent can actually impact your mood and uplift your senses. It is a given that a good scent and you are ready to roll saying “au revoir” to your dejected spirits and soul.
  5. No nosy thing:
    Well, this we have all been seen and implemented. But for the better, let’s go through it again. As found, one should not smell more than three fragrances in a row. The aromas, in particular, misbehave with your senses and you go through overload dilemma. Rather go for some activity to clear nasal package. Try taking a deep breath around your shirt or smell some coffee beans. Both will work and your senses are back on fire.
  6. Women wear men fragrance:
    Take your eyes around and you will find at least one woman who likes to wear men’s fragrances. An interesting fact though but it is for real that around 30% women prefer men’s fragrance.
  7. High Price Tag:
    Have you ever wondered why your brilliant French perfumes are so expensive? Well, the process and the purity so poured in calls for that. For example, in order to make 1 kg of rose oil, it takes 4 tonnes of rose. Hefty, isn’t it? That around 1,600,000 blossoming roses to make 100 bottles of a rose perfume. Hence the price tag talks fortune.

The final point is perfumes are enriching and do everything to elevate your senses it is not a possession, it is an experience worth cherishing.

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